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Last Minute Halloween Costume Idea

31 Oct

If you are planning on hitting the clubs or simply go trick or treating with your kids you need to dress up in order to get into the Halloween spirit.

In the past I used to buy Halloween costumes.  I would go to a party and there would always be somebody dressed in the exactly same outfit.  I would be surrounded by 3 Sexy Cops, 4 Sexy Nurses, 5 Catwomen and 2 Geishas.

Few years ago I started making my own Halloween costumes.  It’s inexpensive and so much fun!

Last year I went as a Flamenco Dancer.  The best part was that I didn’t have to buy anything.

I wore my floor-length black skirt and a black lacy top and added 2 big red flowers to my hair.

I did my own black-n-red lace make up.  This part was a bit time consuming but so worth it!

Happy Halloween everybody!

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