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Balcony Garden Update – Week 5

19 Jun

I have forgotten my camera in the dance studio and my phone camera isn’t that great… The last two weeks kept me busy with my daughter’s convocation, rehearsing and performing for the Building Muscles for Autism Fundraiser and my boyfriend’s niece’s Quinceañera.

I finally made it to the studio (drove all the way to Maple!) last Sunday.  I was worried that nobody could find the camera or that the pictures may have been lost.   Luckily, it was found and safely kept, waiting to be picked up.  So relieved to have it back!

Here is my much delayed update on the balcony garden.

The colours are rich and vibrant.  I love geranium plants, they are blooming all summer and so easy to grow.

We have been munching on these daily.  Sweet like sugar!

Can’t wait to taste our own pommes d’amour (love apples).

The orange daisies had bloomed away and the purple double wave petunia is taking over the box.

Dina, a.k.a. the Head Judge,  is clearly favouring my daughter’s herbs.  Hmmm…I wonder what is attracting her: the peppermint or the immortality herb.  The peppermint is growing like crazy;  we trimmed it once and had some delicious mint tea.

Balcony Garden Update – Week 2

27 May

All herbs, flowers and vegetables grew so much since we planted them two weeks ago:





2 Ways To Celebrate Mother’s Day

13 May

For the last several years my daughter took me to High Tea to celebrate Mother’s Day. This year I had different ideas how to spend this day:
– a home-made meal


– to have some quality time by planting our balcony garden.

I tried shakshuka for the first time in Israel back in March.  Sadly, I  couldn’t fully enjoy it as we traveled during Lent and I wasn’t eating eggs.  My daughter did a wonderful job re-creating this dish and I was treated to a tasty breakfast of shakshuka and a cold-brewed coffee.  As much as love cooking it is nice when somebody makes food just for you.

The garden centers at Lowe’s and Home Depot in my area had a limited selection of plants so we drove to Fiesta Farm instead.  Let me tell you, having too many choices sometimes  can be a bad thing.  6 kinds of tomatoes, 4 types of basil, several varieties of strawberries….we were overwhelmed! After 2.5 hrs and a 100 something dollars later a selection was made.

Our  generic glass-and-steele balcony instantly transforms into an inviting space with the help of some planted flowers.    It’s so much more enjoyable to spend time in our little outdoor area during warm summer months surrounded by greenery.

We always plant flowers and a couple of herbs.  To make things more interesting my daughter and I decided to have a little competition by planting different herbs and see who’s crop is more abundant.  Each one of us picked 4 different herbs. I will be documenting the progress and we will compare our results at the end of the season.   P.S.  Dina will be the Head Judge since she’s always chilling on the balcony in summer and smelling plants 🙂

The Judge at work. She is very serious about her duties.

My box has  Golden Sage, Lemon Balm, Thai Basil and Rosemary:

My daughter’s box has Immortality Herb, Dark Opal Basil, Peppermint and Thyme:

These are the flowers:

We are feeling ambitious: some sugar snap peas and mini-tomatoes.

The competition is on!

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