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Very Inspiring Blogger Award

27 Feb


This post has been long overdue!  Over the last 2 months I have been nominated for 6 different awards.

The 1st Award came from a dear friend Arlen from Arlen Shahverdyan. Author’s Blog to whom I would like to express my appreciation.

The Rules:

1. Link back to the person who nominated you
2. Post the award image to your page.
3. Tell 7 facts about yourself.
4. Nominate 15 other blogs and inform them about that they have been nominated.

7 Facts About Me:

1. I am fluent in 4 languages.
2. I am blessed to be surrounded by kind people in my life. 
3. I am working now at once on two very complex routines (Salsa and Cha-Cha)
4. I am very punctual.
5. I love sunsets.
6. I have a “green thumb”
7. Fall is my favourite season.  

I am passing this award to:

  1. Stylesalvation
  2. Job Cafe Inc.
  3. Daily Echo
  4. Aleksandraoheda
  5. Everything under the sun and more
  6. Consonancias y Disonancias o el Eco del Murcielago de Abril
  7. The Eye-Dancers
  8. Compass & Quill
  9. Ghettos Corner
  10. HarsH ReaLiTy
  11. Cookingwithsapana
  12. The Real Facts
  13. Looking for reasoning to a complicated world
  14. Advocatemmmohan
  15. The Melody of Cooking


Wonderful Team Readership Award and Liebster Award

11 Jan


Thank you, Chef Mimi for nominating me for the Wonderful Team Readership Award.  Check out Chef Mimi  Blog – you’ll find tons of wonderful mouth-watering recipes there.

The Rules:

1 Visit and thank the blogger who nominated you.

2 Acknowledge that blogger on your blog and link back.

3 Nominate 14 blogs for the award, a link to their blogs in your post, and notify them on their blogs.

4 Copy and paste the award on your blog somewhere.

My Nominees Are:

  1. Corina Lazarescu 
  2. Belladonic Haze
  3. What’s Cooking
  4. Source of Inspiration
  5. Kocsiska
  6. Michael Terrazas
  7. Prego and the Loon
  8. Pursuit of Life
  9. The Tarnished Spoon
  10. Marking Our Territory
  11. Living by Olivia
  12. Dear Ferrero
  13. Theflamboyante
  14. Monarch Mentoring


I was nominated for this by Paul Edward “Birchpoet”, here is a link to his lovely blog: Birchpoet’s Blog

Thank you!

The Rules: 

Answers to questions:

1. What makes you happiest?  To see others happy.
2. Do you love the Ocean or the Mountains more?  Both.  I grew up near mountains (Sub-Carpathian region) and love being the by ocean.
3. What has been your favorite moment of 2012?  My daughter’s University graduation.
4. What is your favorite quote and why?  “Dance as if no one were watching.  Sing as if no one were listening.  Love as if you’ve never been hurt.  Live every day as if it were your last”.  This quote covers it all in life 🙂
5. Do you like yourself?  If you can’t like yourself, you won’t be able to pleasant around people.
6. Do you stay up till the Stroke of Midnight on New Years Eve?  Absolutely!
7. Something you wish you get it done ASAP?  Learn a new Salsa routine.
8. What was your favorite class while still in school? Russian Literature.
9. What musical instrument have you tried to learn to play?  Piano – my parents made me do it but I wasn’t passionate about it.
10. Anything you wish you had learned earlier?  I discovered Salsa Dancing in my early 30s and wish I would have learned earlier.
11. Do you like to do crafts or draw or even paint?  Crafts.

My Nominees Are: 

  1. Boomdeeda
  2. borscht and babushkas
  3. Animalcouriers

More Awards!

2 Jan

Happy New Year!  Wishing everyone and their loved ones a wonderful year ahead.

SalsaGlam was a success!  It was really great to catch up with all of my Salsa friends from Montreal, Vancouver, New York and Paris.  We danced up a storm 🙂  I’ll be posting pictures next week.

2012 ended on a sweet note!

On December 22nd Kim at Tranquil Dreams presented me with The Versatile Blogger Award.  Visit her blog for beautiful photography, creative writing and yummy baking recipes.


On December 29th, Gegebearbear at Two Rights Attempting to Make a Left  also nominated me for this Award.  Her story is such an inspiration.


These are the rules for the Versatile Blogger Award as follows:

  • Display the Award Certificate on your website
  • Announce your win with a post and link to whoever presented your award
  • Present 15 awards to deserving bloggers
  • Drop them a comment to tip them off after you’ve linked them in the post
  • Post 7 interesting things about yourself

I am honoured to pass this Award to:

  1. Chef Mimi Blog
  2. Birchpoet’s Blog
  3. Craft It. Bake It.
  4. The Timeless Treasure
  5. Discover The Expert in You
  6. At Home With Cat
  7. Picture Real Food
  8. Warm Toasty Muffins
  9. Healthy Glow Nutrition
  10. Beradadisini
  11. The Disorganisation Guru
  12. Merry Catholic
  13. heartflow2013
  14. Homemade Delish
  15. End Times

Seven interesting things about me:

  1. I am “a morning person”.
  2. I am addicted to tea.
  3. I dislike camping but love to travel.
  4. I have a weakness for chocolate, the darker the better.
  5. I am a Scorpio.
  6. My name means “Hope” in both Russian and Ukrainian, and “Delicate” in Arabic.
  7. My nickname is Kat.

On December 31st Gegebearbear nominated me for more awards:



  1. Show appreciation of the blogger who nominated you and link back to them in your post
  2. Add the award logo to your blog
  3. Share 7 things about yourself (see my list above)
  4.  Nominate 5 – 10 or so bloggers you admire
  5. Contact your chosen bloggers to let them know
  6. Optional questions (This one I will forego for now to make it easier on everyone!)

5 Cool blogs to check out:

  1. Source of Inspiration
  2. Pursuit of Life
  3. All Pets Allowed
  4. Greenhorn Photos
  5. Living by Olivia



  • Thank the person who nominated you and link to them in your post.
  • Share seven unknown things about yourself (see my list above)
  • Nominate other bloggers and blogs you like or admire… 15 or so if possible (see my list above)
  • Contact the bloggers you nominate to let them know and to link them back to your post so they can read “The Rules,” too.

Blog of the Year Award 1 star jpeg


1. Select the blog(s) you think deserve the ‘Blog of the Year 2012’ Award

2. Write a blog post and tell us about the blog(s) you have chosen – there’s no minimum or maximum number of blogs required – and ‘present’ them with their award.

I am nominating:

Rachel Begins Here…

Love her tips on fitness and nutrition!

Sunshine Blogger Award

30 Nov


A fellow blogger (and a cat owner!)  Rara at Rarasaur nominated me for a Sunshine Blogger Award.  Thank You!  Your nomination was a pleasant surprise; it means a lot to me.  What a sweet way to end November on such a positive note!

If you haven’t dropped by Rarasaur, I suggest you do and follow this blog. You will find some fun writing and special musings.  These are some of my favourite posts from her blog:

I made this: kitty scratch pad!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Why I Don’t Invite Milla Jovovich To Tea

Free Advice: How To Greet a VIP

Sunshine Blogger Award Rules

  1. Display the award logo on your blog.
  2. Link back to the person who nominated you.
  3. State 5 things about yourself.
  4. Pass the award onto 6 other bloggers and link to one of their specific posts so that they get notified by ping back.

5 Things About Me:

  1. I speak 4 languages  –  Russian, Ukrainian, English and Spanish.
  2. Stargazing Lilies are my favourite flowers.
  3. I love everything with coconut in it.
  4. Fall, especially in Ontario, is my favourite time of year.
  5. I was blown away by Iceland.  Moon-like landscapes, Blue Lagoon, volcanoes, northern lights, and geysers… it’s all so exotic to me.

Now I get to nominate 6 other people.  

They all have commented on my blog and I appreciate them.  Check them out, you won’t be disappointed 🙂

In no specific order:

Esengasvoice –  a poetic soul who shares her great insights with delicate words and stunning images

Adriennein365 – writes about projects she takes on and books she reads.

Urbancurator – brings inspiration and creativity to our daily lives.

Ladyornot – a gorgeous lady with a killer sense of humor.

Arlenshah – one extremely talented and a kind-hearted individual.

Skinnygirlsandmayo – love the name of his blogs,  his recipes, and witty writing.


I wish I could nominate more!



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