Out And About In Chernivtsi

3 May

Each day my daughter and I are getting re-acquainted with the city where we were born. Our city is not that big (by North American standards) but has a lot of interesting buildings to see and areas to explore:


The Turkish Square - with a well and the aquatic reservoir

The Turkish Square was fully renovated back in 2008 when the city was celebrating 600 years since it was first mentioned in a written document.


The Turkish Bridge

I just had to do it, lol:


The Square is especially beautiful at night, all lit up and glowing.
I find athat any city has a special charm at night, it has a different vibe:


Cinema Palace (Палац Кіно)

To my fellow Canadian blogger Boombeeda, the picture above is for you. The building in this picture used to house a travel agency where over 100 years ago people from Bukovina were buying their tickets to come to Canada by the boat. Enjoy!

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