I Like My Yoga Hot!

26 Oct

Several weeks ago my friend invited me to join her for a hot yoga class.  Since all my friends are always raving about how much they love it I decided to give it a try.

I was told that I shouldn’t eat 2-3 hours before the class and come properly hydrated.  I think I drank about 2 liters of water in less than 2 hours!

I was actually very excited when we arrived at the studio! The class had started and I thought at first that the heat wasn’t that bad.  15 minutes into the class I felt that the heat was intolerable; I wanted to crawl out of my skin. I was drenched in sweat and super irritated.  I was also getting very dizzy and nauseous.  I became so nauseous that at some point I had to leave the studio and I got sick in the bathroom.  I was advised by another instructor that I’ll benefit more if I get back and try to finish my class.  I don’t even know how I managed to get through to the end.  I felt I could hardly execute anything.  And then I got sick again when our class ended.

“This is my first and my last class” – I said to my friend.  At that point I felt I’d never want to do it ever again.

I went straight to bed when I got home.  For the next 5 hours or so I was shivering uncontrollably and fighting a horrible migraine. “And people pay money for this?” – I thought to myself.  I thought this is how it feels right before you die.

I am fairly fit but the following day my body was sore. It was that “good sore” feeling when you get after a really good session at the gym.  And here I thought that I hardly moved yesterday.  So if I were to go through the poses all out I’d probably be getting some serious workout.  My skin was “glowing”.  Hmmm…. I decided to return; I am not a quitter!

Apparently, it’s not unusual to feel light-headed and nauseous during the first few classes.  As a result of the yoga practice the body starts to cleanse itself by getting rid of the toxins that were stored in the system.  That’s what was causing my condition and here I thought I was in good health.

My second class was so much more enjoyable!  I made a decision to incorporate hot yoga into my exercise regime.  I only manage to go twice a week but I can already feel that my joint mobility and range of movement had increased.

Once I got past my initial horrible experience I grew to like hot yoga more.  I still find some of the poses quite challenging but each class is a little different.  All instructors are fun and motivating. The heat doesn’t bother me as much.  I absolutely love how I feel afterward!

I will be writing about my progress more in the later posts.

Does anyone know how many calories are burned during one hot yoga session?

5 Responses to “I Like My Yoga Hot!”

  1. jennifernon October 27, 2012 at 1:23 pm #

    I don’t remember the exact number of calories but it can be about 1000 calories per class. That’s what I remember reading anyway. I’ve been hooked on bikram/hot yoga for years, glad you’re giving it a try! Though I do admit to people who ask me, it’s not something everyone would love (as with any other sport or form of exercise)!

    • The Kat and The Falling Leaves October 27, 2012 at 7:13 pm #

      1000 calories per class! Wow… No wonder I am not gaining any weight right now even though we are not training for dance.
      Thank you for the response!

      • jennifernon October 28, 2012 at 4:07 am #

        Haha that was one of the reasons that first drew me to bikram yoga. But now I practice it for other reasons as well. 😉

  2. beckyblueeyes October 28, 2012 at 10:27 pm #

    I don’t know how many calories are burned, but I did a month membership and finally ended up enjoying it, after about six times. I prefer regular yoga, in the end.

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