An Evening Stroll Around Casa Loma

30 May

I am upset that I missed Doors Open Toronto which took place this last weekend.   I am making a resolution right now to mark my calendar for 2013 and explore as many historical buildings as I can.  Toronto has so many well-known landmarks that I always wanted to see…De La Salle College “Oaklands”, Osgood Hall, Upper Canada College, Campbell House and the Casa Loma Stables.  I have been Casa Loma before but I didn’t have a chance to tour the Stables across the street from the castle.

98 rooms, 30 bathrooms, 25 fireplaces, 3 bowling alleys, a 50-meter shooting gallery, a wine cellar (temperature-controlled) capable of holding 1,700 bottles, an 18-meter indoor swimming pool and an underground tunnel connecting Casa Loma to the stables.  The castle’s original ovens in the kitchen were so big that they could cook an entire ox.  That’s quite a family home!

The stalls in the Stables were made from the best quality mahogany and each horse’s name was written out in 18-karat gold letters.

Looks like the horses lived better than many Toronto residents at that time.

No expense was spared on creating and maintaining this residence but the family fortune didn’t last.  The owner died broken and penniless.  What a sad, sad story.

I wonder if there is an individual rich enough to buy this property now and restore it to its’ full glory.









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