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Ukrainian Easter

26 Apr

Easter is one of the most religious holidays in Ukraine and traditionally during Lent people  do not eat meat, dairy and eggs for 40 days.  During Easter mass the churches are lit by hundreds of candles and the mass itself is indescribably beautiful.  The Easter basket is filled with all the food forbidden during Lent and waiting to be blessed.  Our basket had inside: “Paska” – a traditional sweet Easter bread with raisins, “Pysanky” – decorated hard-boiled eggs, cheese, butter, salt, green onion, “kovbasa” – smoked pork sausage and “Hrin” – grated horseradish mixed with beets, very fierce!

After the service we hurried home to share the blessed food and break the Lent."Pysanky"Dina performs quality controlBaskets waiting to be blessed at the St.Vlad's Church

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